Shepherd Lutheran's Confessional Identity

  Shepherd Lutheran's Confessional Identity  

I am a Christian

What kinds of challenges will you be faced with today?  There is no one among us who can answer this question...none. 

I am forgiven

Maybe your child will make you angry.  Or your spouse will disappoint you.  Perhaps your job will be stressful or unfulfilling.  You might find yourself depressed, or lonely, or deeply hurt, or ill.  Maybe today is when you learn that you're going to die.

I am loved

This is life.  It challenges every one.  It favors no one.  But if you are a Christian, you have an advantage in life.  You have Jesus Christ. 

Through faith in Jesus Christ, you are assured that whatever challenges you have this day, or any other day, is part of God's loving plan for you.  You are assured that, as a child of Christ, your daily temptations or test will not get the best of you.  Most of all, you are assured that, regardless of what life puts in  your way -- from minor irritations to life-threatening situations -- Jesus loves you, Jesus forgives you, Jesus is with you, and He promises you and everyone who believes in Him, everlasting life in heaven. 

I am saved through Jesus Christ

We are the WELS.  The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  We welcome and encourage you to join us to hear the saving message of our Lord and Savior -- your Lord and Savior, too -- Jesus Christ.

Just like you

The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) believes that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, sent to earth, who led a sinless life that all mankind might be declared holy.  We believe that the innocent suffering and death of Jesus on the cross served as payment for our sins.  We believe that Jesus rose from death, giving us full assurance that we are forgiven so that we my live with God now and forever. 

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