Church Council

 Email: churchoffice@shepherdlutheran.comcastbiz.net

The Church Council meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. 

The following officers are members of the Council:

President:               Chuck Miller
Vice President:        Dave Stewart (as chairman of Elders)
General Secretary:  Del Vigil
Treasurer:               Dave Kaiser

In addition, the chairmen of the following boards/committees are members:

School Board (Mark Plomer)
Outreach Committee (Brian Connell)
Stewardship Committee (Adam Neitzel)
Board of Trustees (Garlin Siegmann)
Discipleship Committee (Kevin Broehm)
Financial Secretary (Mark Holstad)

Finally, the Pastor and the School Principal are non-voting members of the council.  Pastor and president are also ex officio non-voting members of all other boards and committees.