WORSHIP SERVICES: 9:30 A.M. (Sunday), 6:30 P.M. (Monday)

These are our normal times. Occasionally, we have a special schedule which is reflected on our calendar.


The Church Council has decided to resume live services
on next Sunday, May 31st.  There will now be 2 services
 at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM to help spread out the
worshippers so that we can keep social distances.
There will also be a service on Monday evening at 6:30 PM.
(There will be a registration process introduced to do this.)

To comply with the safety regulations, we do ask you to sign up for the service you wish to attend on Sunday morning or Monday evening. Click on this link to watch principal Ben Raddatz explain how to use SignUpGenius:
Tutorial Video for SignUpGenius  Click on this lick to use sign up for a worship
Sign up for a worship time (Click Here)  If you need assistance, contact
Ben via cellphone. 

An online service will also be provided at our Shepherd website and on Youtube. 

Bible Information Class (BIC):
Offered on a schedule to match those interested in learning more about the Bible and
the teaching of the WELS.
Please contact Pastor Hartman at (505) 292-6622



Shepherd Lutheran Church exists to make disciples for Jesus Christ, through God's grace and Word, by nurturing our fellow Christians and by witnessing the Gospel to our community and world.